Our black bean seeds offer a high yield & early maturity.

Black Beans

Black bean seed to fit your needs

We offer high-yielding black bean seeds that harvest easily and bring an excellent canning quality to the market.


Eclipse is a Black Bean variety released by the North Dakota Agricultural Experiment Station in July of 2004 and Registered in Canada in 2009

Eclipse has exhibited a yield advantage over previous available varieties.  Eclipse has an upright plant structure with excellent lodging resistance, early maturity and synchronous dry down of plant and pods at harvest, which may provide a benefit in harvest efficiency for dry bean producers.  To help ensure genetic purity, use is restricted to producing one commercial food crop.

  • Type II upright growth habit
  • Synchronous Dry Down
  • Excellent Lodging Resistance
  • Early Maturity (97 days over 46 site years in Manitoba)
  • Seed size 2248 Seeds/lb

Black Tails

Black Tails is a new black bean variety developed by ProVita for Cooperative Elevator Co. (Parent company of Western Harvest Bean) Registered in Canada in 2019.

Black Tails has shown good adaptability to Manitoba, Ontario, North Dakota, Michigan and New York production regions.  Black Tails has been a consistent performer throughout the trialing process and in commercial production.  It’s upright architecture and excellent yield potential make it an excellent choice for growers needing an slightly early variety.  Black Tails is the sole property of Cooperative Elevator Co. (Parent Company of Western Harvest Bean).  Use is restricted to producing one commercial food crop.

  • High Yielding
  • Type II upright growth habit
  • Early Maturity (99 days)
  • Seed size 2,405 Seeds/lb (Slightly larger than Eclipse)
  • Resistant to Rust strains and Bean Common Mosaic Virus