Picture of beautiful dark red kidney beans.

Dark Red Kidney Beans

Kidney Bean for all culinary needs

We feature quality dark red kidney bean seeds that offer early maturing and the drier texture prized by today’s culinary experts.


Rampart is a high yielding, earlier maturing Dark Red Kidney variety developed by ProVita and has shown good adaptability to Manitoba,  Registered in Canada in 2021.

Rampart is a broadly adapted dark red kidney bean, well suited to Manitoba.  Rampart has good seed appearance, consistent color and shape

  • Earlier maturing than Montcalm or Dynasty by 3-4 days
  • Yield advantage over Montcalm, Red Hawk, Red Rover
  • Good seed appearance and shape
  • Seed size 937 Seeds/lb
  • Resistant to Bean Common Mosaic Virus
  • Some tolerance to Bacterial Blight