Photo of cranberry beans.

Cranberry Beans

Cranberry Seeds for your appearance needs

Our cranberry bean seeds bring outstanding disease resistance and strong yield potential. Hardy and reliable, trust our high quality open-pollinated seeds.


Krimson is a large seeded Bush type Cranberry Bean. Registered in Canada in 2022 (pending).

‘Krimson’ is a large-seeded determinate bush cranberry bean with high yield potential as demonstrated in numerous regional trials throughout the U.S. and and Canada. Across 8 locations in North America ‘Krimson’ averaged 1-2 days earlier maturity, larger seed size, and slightly higher yield compared to the check cultivar ‘Etna’. Crimson-colored flecking on a bright background makes ‘Krimson’ stand-out from the crowd

  • Earlier maturing than Etna by 1-2 days
  • Yield advantage over Etna (102% of Etna over 22 site years in Manitoba)
  • Good seed appearance and shape
  • Seed size 757 Seeds/lb
  • Resistant to Bean common mosaic virus, Rust, Beet curly top virus