Picture of pinto beans.

Pinto Beans

High Quality Pinto Bean Seeds

We offer two high-yield varieties developed to provide consistent and reliable pinto bean crops that can be direct harvested.


This “regular” pinto bean variety was developed by Seminis for the Red River Valley area and registered in Canada in 2008.

Windbreaker is a short-vine pinto bean with consistent yields in Manitoba and has been the standard since it became available. Windbreaker has excellent seed quality but lacks the “slow darkening” trait preferred by some growers. Windbreaker can be direct harvested.

  • Plants mature at 95-96 days
  • Approximate seed count is 1,110 seeds per pound (larger than Vibrant seeds)
  • Plants are resistant to Rust strains and Bean Common Mosaic Virus
  • Yield is 2,648 pounds per acre (based on Manitoba trials over 57 site years)
  • Windbreaker can be direct harvested (Narrow Rows may be more suitable)


Vibrant is a “slow darkening” pinto bean variety developed by ADM SeedWest and registered in Canada in 2017. Vibrant has shown broad adaptability in trials throughout the high plains, including Minnesota, the Dakotas, and Idaho.

Providing great yield potential for the grower, Vibrant produces an indeterminate vine that is upright in its architecture. Vibrant possesses a “slow darkening” gene that allows it to maintain its color throughout the natural aging process. During adverse weather conditions, Vibrant’s upright architecture along with its “slow darkening” gene preserves the quality and value that normally degrades traditional pinto beans. Data shows Vibrant out-yielding Windbreaker, while giving the farmer the added benefit of direct harvestability.

  • Plants mature at 94 days (which is one day earlier than Windbreaker)
  • Approximate seed count is 1,367 seeds per pound (a bit smaller than Windbreaker)
  • Plants are resistant to Rust strains and Bean Common Mosaic Virus
  • Yield is 2,944 pounds per acre over 18 site years
  • Vibrant is suitable for direct harvest